The children in Fir Cones are loving the new outdoor play equipment

The children in Pre-Prep are learning about the story of the poppy today. Lots of lovely discussions in preparation for Remembrance.

Another wonderful week in Fir Cones 

Watch this gorgeous video of our Pre-Pre introduce us to their new classroom. 

Saplings enjoyed our story today ‘Owl Babies’. They chose an owl to cuddle and remembered some familiar phrases. 

Saplings have enjoyed their first day In their new room. They have been very busy cooking in the home corner. Practicing rolling and making different patterns with the play dough. Then painted some lovely Autumn pictures.

Saplings have been learning a new song.

‘Grey Squirrel Shake Your Bushy Tail’

They danced with their colourful scarves pretending to shake their bushy tails!

The children in Pre-Prep have been looking closely at sunflowers this morning, we shared our knowledge and understanding of the life cycle, looked at the life of Vincent Van Gogh and his beautiful painting ‘The Sunflowers’ Resulting in some fabulous observational drawings.

Great imagination in Pre-Prep outdoor play. Dinosaur nest making for the dinosaur eggs.

Lots of work being done on site in preparation for the opening of our new nursery in September! 

Kindergarten shared the story of the gingerbread man, enjoying decorating their biscuits and eating them. We thought about sugary treats and dental hygiene, cleaning our teeth afterwards

Continuing with our Jubilee celebrations. Nursery made golden 2p coins. When they were dry they glued on a picture of the Queen.

Our PE session using the parachute was great fun this morning. Lots of ups and downs, and bouncing the teddy bear to keep it on the parachute. The parachute has many uses but today in Kindergarten it ended up as a sail on our ship.

‘Adventures with baby Emma’

Emma has had a busy morning in nursery. After her breakfast she enjoyed story time with Elmer. Then had lots of fun in the sandpit!

The children in Kindergarten have been thinking about bridges and why we need them. We have been designing and creating them using various materials.

Such fun had at our last Mini Music session on Tuesday morning! Lots of different musical activities for the children to enjoy in small groups with bespoke planning.  

We have had a great morning in pre school, searching for treasure, singing songs and riding on the big wooden ship. Where will it take us?  

The children in kindergarten are early morning explorers, looking for bugs.