A little history

The Fir Cones Day Nursery is based on the outskirts of Chester city centre and shares its site with the Firs School . Located in its own purpose built building The Firs Cones has been a long established pre-school, recently expanding to an all year round day nursery.

The Fir Cones, along with The Firs School has been run by the same family for 3 generations and the family have a long held passion to provide exceptional education for children from 0-11 years. We work hard to provide an enriching environment and pride ourselves on our inclusive nature, nurturing care and family feel, where all members of of our community; children, staff and families feel part of our Firs family.

Tim and Jo Longman, proprietors of the Fir Cones and The Firs School have been involved in the family business since 2007 and are heavily integrated into the daily life of the school. Tim and Jo ensure outstanding educational practice is maintained through the appointment of a Head Teacher and strong senior leadership team. Tim and Jo run the business elements of the school and the nursery, and work closely with our senior leaders whilst also enjoying actively working with the children and parents.

Alongside this, Jo, a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher enjoys the opportunity to teach all of the children from Years 1-6 each week. As Executive Director Tim maintains over site for the business but also runs a number of extra curricular activities, including a very popular Minecraft Education after school club. As parents of 4 children, all of whom have been at or currently attend the school, Tim and Jo enjoy being fully involved in the life of the The Firs and The Fir Cones and have a genuine insight into the role from the perspective of parents and educators.